Heal Your Heartbreak: Transcending Trauma to Create Conscious, Joyful Love

Are you suffering from heart-break or love trauma?

If so, you are likely feeling desperate or depressed. Your heart may be aching, and you fear the pain will never end. You believe you will never find love again, and may even turn to addictions to self-medicate and ease the distress.

I know how you feel!  I have been there…

I remember so clearly when my wife told me: “I do not love you anymore.” It was a shock, to say the least.

My heart was broken–I even developed chest pains to accompany my despair. This trauma started a downward spiral in the relationship that led to betrayals and heartbreak on both sides. The disconnection seemed insurmountable. We separated and filed for divorce.

After many years as a successful physician and anesthesiologist, it was such a blow to feel so powerless. I wondered how things could have gotten so bad! How could I have been be so wrong about my relationship?

But it was in the death of life as I knew it that a new relationship was born.

The relationship trauma I experienced was a call to radical transformation in my lifestyle, patterns of communication and. most importantly, my ways of thinking.

Thus we began a “second marriage,” during which I started using the lessons I learned from my near death experience (DNE), including Consciousness-Based Healing and the practice of forgiveness and love.  While I myself had had a near death experience (that is another story!), I realized my marriage had as well!  And so it was that I was able to go from PTSD to post-traumatic growth (PTG).

I’m happy to say, I’ve come out the other side.

My deepest pain became my greatest joy—a truly blissful marriage that neither my wife nor I had ever experienced before.  By changing myself, I transformed my marriage from the inside out!

It was this process of transformation and growth that brought me to my greatest calling–the true purpose of my life.

I have achieved it first-hand so I KNOW it’s possible for others too!

My passion is to help people heal from broken hearts and thrive in love again.

I moved away from my practice as a physician, obtained my coaching certification, and began my career as a Conscious Relationship Coach, so that I can help others turn trauma into growth, and transform pain into joy.

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